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Strontium Fluoride

Molecular formula: SrF2
Molecular weight: 125.63  
Uses: in producing optical glass and single crystal for laser; in pharmaceutical industry and daily chemical industry, such as caries prevention additive of toothpaste, high-ranking electronic components; in pharmaceutical and other substitutes of fluorides.  
Properties: White colorless cubic crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid, insoluble in hydrofluoric acid, ethyl alcohol and acetone. It is stable in the air. Density is 4.24, melting point is 1473℃, boiling point is 2489℃. It turns into strontium oxide at temperature above 1000℃ in the air.
CAS#: 7783-48-4Customs No.: 2826199090  MSDS:   IMDG Code:  

Specifications High-purity grade Export grade Industrial grade
Standard SEMI C1 Mint Standard Mint Standard
Appearance White colorless cubic crystalline powder White colorless cubic crystalline powder White colorless cubic crystalline powder
Content    % ≥99.9 ≥99.0 ≥98.5
Strontium oxide (SrO)% 79.5-81.5    
Fluorine (F)ppm 29.0-30.5    
Chloride (Cl)pm ≤5 ≤50 ≤500
Sulfate (SO42-)  pm ≤10 ≤100 ≤1000
Sodium (Na)pm ≤1 ≤10 ≤100
Iron (Fe)pm ≤1 ≤10 ≤100
Lead (Pb)ppm ≤2 ≤20 ≤200
Arsenic (As)ppm    ≤1 ≤10 ≤100
Heavy metal (Pb)   pm ≤5 ≤200 ≤2000
Barium fluoride (BaF2)   pm ≤12000    
Sulfur (S)pm ≤100    
Phosphorus (P)pm ≤20    
Cadmium (Cd)ppm ≤1    
Tin (Sn)ppm ≤100    
Carbon dioxide (CO2) pm ≤200    
Chromium (Cr)ppm ≤5    
Mercury (Hg)ppm ≤10    
Calcium (Ca)  % ≤1    
Cobalt (Co)ppm ≤5    
Copper (Cu)ppm ≤2    
Manganese (Mn)ppm ≤2    
Nickel (Ni)pm ≤5    
Loss on ignition (500℃)  % ≤3    
Moisture (105℃, 2h)ppm      
PH (50g/L,25℃)      
Supply reference
Particle size      
Packing 25KG composite bag/16T/(20’)FCL 25KG composite bag/16T/(20’)FCL 25KG composite bag/16T/(20’)FCL
Quotation specifications full container full container full container
Quotation reference yuan/ton      
Valid period of the offer Three months Three months Three months

Notes: special specifications can be produced at the request of customers.

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