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Potassium Fluoride

Molecular formula: KF          Molecular weight: 58.10
Uses: Mainly used for all kinds of metal, alloy welding flux, widely used as a fluorinating agent in organic compounds in the production, for the production of sodium fluoroacetate and agricultural insecticide fluoroacetamide medicine, used for norfloxacin, it can be used as absorbent (HF and water), it is also preparing potassium hydrogen fluoride materials, also can be used for glass carving and food preservation and the application in the electronics industry.
Properties:Colorless cubic crystal, easy deliquescence, soluble in water, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and ammonia, slightly soluble in alcohol and acetone, the aqueous alkaline reaction, the corrosion of glass and ceramics, only a little heated to decomposition sublimation temperature, but the molten potassium fluoride activity greatly, can corrode the refractory matter. Toxic and should be stored airtight. Specific gravity 2.48, melting point 858 DEG C.
CAS#:7778-23-3          Customs number:28261900          MSDS:YF0405-02          Dangerous regulation number:61513

Potassium fluoride (crystallization)
Product specification Crystal
Implementation standards YingKe
content% ≥99.0
Water content(105℃,2h),% ≤0.15
loi(500℃,2h)% ≤0.5
Free acid(HF),% ≤0.2
Free alkali(KOH),% ≤0.2
chloride(Cl),% ≤0.005
pH(50g/L) 7—8.5
iron(Fe),% ≤0.0005
silicon(SiO2),% ≤0.001
granularity 20-50
sulfate(SO4),% ≤0.002
phosphate(PO4),% ≤0.0005
Total carbon(C),% ≤0.002
Water insoluble matter,% ≤0.01
calcium(Ca),% ≤0.0005
chromium(Cr),% ≤0.0001
magnesium(Mg),% ≤0.0005
sodium(Na),% ≤0.1
nickel(Ni),% ≤0.0001
phosphorus(P),% ≤0.0002


Potassium fluoride (industrial spray)
Product specification 喷雾
Implementation standards YingKe
content,% ≥99.0
Water content(105℃,2h),% ≤0.1
Free acid(HF),% ≤0.2
Free alkali(KOH),% ≤0.2
chloride(Cl),% ≤0.001
pH(5%) 7—8.5
iron(Fe),% ≤0.0005
silicon(SiO2),% ≤0.005
Grain size (95 through) 250-500
sulfate(SO4),% ≤0.02
phosphate(PO4),% ≤0.005
Water insoluble matter,% ≤0.01
sodium(Na),% ≤0.1

Notes: special specifications can be produced at the request of customers. 
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