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Potassium Bifluoride

Molecular formula: KHF2          Molecular weight: 78.11
Uses: chemical reagent. In producing ceramics, magnesium alloy, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, pure potassium bifluoride, optical glass, etc.
Properties: white or colorless transparent tetragonal crystal with a little sour odor. It is easily dissolved in the air, slightly soluble in alcohol, easily soluble in cold water. Its solution is strong acidic and is corrosive to glass and ammonium bifluoride, thus it shall be kept in closed plastic container. Specific gravity is 2.37g/mL(25℃), melting point is 239℃.
CAS#: 7789-29-9          Customs No.: 2826199020          MSDS: YF0405-01          IMDG Code: 83004

Potassium bifluoride
Item Standard
Appearance White crystal
Content% ≥99.00%
Free acid % 25.5-25.8
Chloride % ≤0.01
Sulfate % ≤0.02
Fluosilicate% ≤0.01
Heavy metal % ≤0.003
Nickel % ≤0.001
Iron % ≤0.0005
Drying loss% ≤0.20
PH (5% solution)% 3.30-3.50
Whiteness % ≥85.00
Transmittance (15% solution)% ≥99.00

Notes: special specifications can be produced at the request of customers.
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